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The (dying?) art of handmade crafts

A woman creates Batik prints by hand at a shop in Jogjakarta, Indonesia

One of my favorite parts about traveling is the markets, specifically the local colors, artisanal work, and types of handicraft these often display.

I took this picture in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I remember happening upon this woman, and being in awe of how swiftly she was able to create such detailed designs. From Batik to wood carving to intricate painting, in so many of my travels I notice these ancient art forms - unique to each region or country - passed down through generations.

The story seems to echo with so many similarities - a form previously at risk of dying, now seeing a resurgence with the interest of tourism. Tours conducted of facilities where men and women alike tell us about their work.

While I am grateful this is being preserved in some way, I can't help but wonder what happens when the tourists lose interest? And how is the marketization of this impacting locals' abilities to continue accessing such an important part of their heritage.

So beautiful to still have, and yet the fact that we have it only in this way shows how much knowledge is at risk of being lost.

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