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Through the Sahara on camelback

Some of us riding a camel for the first time to the Merzouga desert camp in Morocco.

My college friends have been pretty good about reunions. One summer, this meant a week long trip to Morocco.

One of the most memorable parts of that trip, for me at least, was a night spent in the Sahara desert. Going by camelback to a desert camp and being there both at night fall and at sunrise was awe inspiring.

I had grown up hearing about how vast this desert was, but nothing could compare to seeing it and experiencing it live. The sand just stretches for miles and miles and in those moments I felt so small, and yet so alive. There is a certain quiet to the desert, both unnerving and peaceful. And for our day and a half spent there, it felt like living so many lifetimes.

A sunrise over the Sahara desert as we go from Marrakech to Fez, Morocco

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